Soap Dish Head, 2019

Found Object Sculpture

16 x 4 x 5.5"

Vintage Metal Soap Dish, Early Iron Fork, Vintage Iron Clamp, Scrap Steel

Wrench with Pointed Ears, 2019

Found Object Sculpture

27 x 7 x 10"

Scrap Steel, Scrap Machine Parts, Wrench

Crankshaft/Lock, 2019

Found Object Sculpture

26 x 9.5 x 6.5"

Scrap Steel, 18th Century Padlock, Crankshaft, Antique Iron Nail, Antique Coin, Antique Drill Bit

Bristleheads, 2020

Dimensions Available Upon Request

Salvaged Steel and Chimney Cleaning Brushes

Falling from Winter's Depth, 2016

24 x 36"

Print on Metal, Composed of Painting and Poem by the Artist

Best displayed in a sheltered section of the garden.

Donated to The Doane Stuart School 2022 Soiree and Auction for the benefit of the school's financial aid program.

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